Multiplication Fact Fluency Games

Below you’ll find some games to play at home to help your student develop their fluency with multiplication facts. Here are some tips to get the most out of these games:

  • These tasks are mostly arranged in the order your student should work on them.
  • Ask your student’s teacher about the best place to begin.
  • Most of these activities were written for teachers working with a group of students. These instructions should help you understand how to introduce the activity and guide your child’s thinking.

Notes on materials:

  • Required game cards, recording sheets, spinners, and other printed materials are included with each game and can be printed. If you do not have access to a printer, you may create something similar yourself.
  • You may use regular playing cards for any number cards or dice. If you do not have enough of a particular card, put masking tape on the front of the card and write the desired number. For dice with 0-5, replace 6 with 0. For dice with 4-9, replace numbers by adding 3 to the number shown, so 1=4, 2=5, 3=6, 4=7. 5=9, and 6=9. You may use virtual dice as well.
  • When the activity calls for unifix cubes, you should be able to replace with coins or other small objects.
  • When the game calls for writing equations, feel free to use paper and pencil if you don’t have a dry-erase board.

Games taken from Bridges Intervention by the Math Learning Center and Math Fact Fluency by Bay-Williams and Kling.

×2 Facts

Rolling Twos
Seeing Doubles
Add & Double

×5 and ×10

Multiply and Compare
Rolling Nickels

Add a Group to a Known Fact

Double It and Add One Set
Half Tens Plus One Set

Subtract a Group from a Known Fact

Tens Minus One Set

General Practice

Factor War
Multiplication Pathway (gameboard) (advanced gameboard)
Multiplication Salute
The Factor Game
The Product Game
The Right Price

Visual Online Multiplication Flashcards

Multiplication by Heart