Community-Based After School Program Partnerships

The following community-based programs offer fee-based after school classes for the CRCS Elementary School community. Each of these programs include pick-up from CRCS Elementary School and take students to a recreational activity at an off-site indoor or outdoor location. Please note: these programs are not affiliated with Community Roots Charter School.

Classes generally run from September through December 2022. Exact details of each program’s start and end dates can be found in the registration links below.

1. Aegir Boardworks (W, Th) Register (note: registration occurs every 2 weeks, click on relevant weeks)

Outdoor skate lessons for kids of all levels. Our classes involve small groups of 1-3 students with each instructor. Our team of skate instructors are all local skaters that are passionate about teaching kids how to skate. Location: Gaconda Park near CRCS.

2. Broken Bones Skateboard Club (M, W) Register

BB Skate Club promotes skateboarding in a fun, safe, and friendly environment. We are the Supreme Skateboarding Club in New York City. Location: Gaconda Park near CRCS.

3. Brooklyn Music School (M, T, W, Th, F) Register

Brooklyn’s most creative After School Program, Arts Reaching Youth (ARY), offers a range of creative options with classes in music, dance, & theater, along with homework support and healthy snacks for children ages 5-11.

4. New York Society of Play Register Game Room is a game-based after school program. In this class, students will be exposed to a wide spectrum of games across a range of media. This will include epic sword fighting in the park, opening one’s mind with Dungeons & Dragons, becoming a master at the Pokemon Trading Card game, and more!

5. Futbol Rebels (M, T, W)

Our after school soccer program is designed to help players learn the game, master the ball and increase their skills by playing in a fun learning environment with friends and classmates! Location: Commodore Barry Park near CRCS.

Spring Session: Register here

6. Gymstars (M, T, W, Th, F) Register

Action-packed with exciting skills to learn and movement routines that motivate and challenge! Class warms up with lively music, next we condition with cross mat tumbling, an obstacle course​ of Gymnastic & Circus skills. Location: Trilok Fusion Arts School.

7. Created by Kids–Fantasy Drawing (W) Register

Created by Kids after school programs are designed as intensive and creative multi-week studies of fine art media. Each week, students spend two hours learning new processes and building on skills from prior classes for a deeper understanding of the art form as a whole. Education, fun activities, and hands-on skill-building are combined to inspire children’s creativity. Program runs from Jan. 4th-April 5th from 3:30pm-5:30pm at 592 Pacific Street (right near Barclays).