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Fact Fluency at Home

Practicing addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts at home can be a great way to help your child have success in math class. Students can start with addition and subtraction facts in 1st grade, but aren’t expected to have them committed to memory until the end of 2nd grade. Students begin learning about multiplication and division in 3rd grade, should start practicing single-digit multiplication and related division facts by the middle of the year, and then have them memorized by the end of 3rd grade. 

Most students will benefit from continued practice with these facts throughout the grades.

You’ll find lots of games to play with your student at the links below.

Addition and Subtraction Games
Multiplication and Division Games

If your child enjoys flashcard-style practice, you may also sign up for a family account at:

Here are some visual flashcards for multiplication practice:

Math by Heart

Online Math Games

These games build number sense and strategic thinking.